Best HCG Drops

What is HCG all about and why is it the Best Weight Loss Program?

HCG is a known promoter of weight loss and was discovered by accident by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons more than 5 decades ago while working to find a cure for malnutrition. The HCG hormone is a naturally produced hormone and found in pregnant women. Dr. Simeon discovered that as soon as a woman delivered her babies, her, the mother, health began to deteriorate. This led to a search for the reason and led to the discovery of HCG, whose scientific name is human chorionic gonadotropin.  The HCG hormone is produced to nourish and protect the fetus. HCG takes the stored fat and changes it to nutrition for the placenta. Dr. Simeon, as well as others studied the HCG hormone and discovered adding the hormone to a diet plan would encourage the body to release the stored fat while consuming a low calorie meal, causing the dieter to lose not only weight, but inches.

Why is HCG the Best Weight Loss Program?

When dealing with body weight and mass, there are three types of fat found in the human body. There is structural fat that is found between the organs and the skin. It is a protective layer intended to prevent damage to sensitive, inner body parts. Normal fat is the fuel supply that gives the body energy to carry out activities both physical and sedate. Abnormal fat is the additional fat that accumulates in the waist, thighs, buttocks and hips areas. Abnormal fat is not used for anything and is the only fat type consumed by HCG.  Weight loss is accelerated by targeting the abnormal fat while on a calorie controlled diet.

The best HCG drops, when used in conjunction with a meal low in calories, will effectively attack the abnormal fat, allowing weight loss to occur. A low calorie meal on its own will not achieve the same weight loss results, although some weight loss will occur. Eating low calorie meals signals your body it is starving and will take fat from anywhere it can, including the normal and structural fat. The effects are muscle atrophy and when weight is regained it will come back as abnormal fat.

The combination of the best HCG drops and low calorie meals work in combination to provide the proper nutrients the human body needs to function, while encouraging the abnormal fat out of hiding. What is HCG, you may be asking yourself right about now? It is used as part of an effective weight loss program to help anyone lose weight faster without endangering the physical health of your body.

Which Brands of HCG are the Most Effective?

While there are many varieties of HCG on the market, but only a few brands contain working formula and truly gained the reputation for delivering fast results for majority of users:

  • HCG Ultra Diet Drops - category leader for over 5 years, premium product delivering consistent results and providing excellent service
  • Easy HCG - a basic, but very effective solution with classic formula
  • HCG Complex - while this one has mixed reviews, the formula dates back to A.T.W. Simeons
  • Better than HCG - has an unorthodox formula that allows for a more relaxed 1000-calorie diet